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Sorae Port
In Sorae Port, located in Sorae among Incheon’s representative fish market, has various kinds of fish, noisy fish market, restaurants selling seafood and accommodations. Mainly, people from capital area visits here in one-day course and it is good place for family, couple and friends.
You can taste fresh seafood and it is famous for Salted Seafood Department Store.


Yongyu Island, Eulwang Beach
Its length of sandy beach is 700m and average water level is 1.5m. It has beautiful scenery with dense pine forest and strange rocks and bizarre stones in both sides of beach. Especially, it is famous for its beautiful sunset. Rarely from beach, it has wide lawn and sufficient accommodation and you can enjoy various marine sports. It is overall vacation spot where you can enjoy swimming, sports and fishing.


Incheon Grand Park
This is natural green grand park located near city, you can exercise in bicycle square and playing ground. You can enjoy, botanical garden, rose garden and children zoo. You can enjoy walking on trail and beautiful farm village scenery in urban area because this area is designated as Limited Development District.
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