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HanGil Medical Foundation Info
  • Opening date March 25th, 1985
  • Location 35 Bupyeongdaero, Bupyeng-gu, Incheon
  • Size Total floor area 8,900㎡(2,700 pyong)
  • Facility 16 Doctor’s offices, 6 Operation rooms, 22 Examination rooms, 50 Sickbed


Specialized Center
Specialized Center : 5 Centers and 2 expert clinics
Anterior segment center, Glaucoma center, Retina center, Oculoplastic center, Lasik center,
Pediatric Ophthalmology • Strabismus • Amblyopia clinic, Dry eye clinic, Internal medicine Anesthesia pain medicine

Number of medical professionals : 25


Korean representative ophthalmology recognized
by Ministry of Health and Welfare
Han Gil Eye Hospital passed strict examination standards of Ministry of Health and Welfare and simultaneously achieved ‘Certified medical institution’ and ‘Designated as Eye specialized hospital’.
Korea’s first hospital level ‘Medical institution certified by Ministry of Health and Welfare’
Incheon’s only one ‘Eye specialized hospital designated by Ministry of Health and Welfare’


Korea’s first hospital level certified medical institution
‘Medical institution certification’ is a system to certify when medical institution fulfills the standard by evaluating medical service.

After acquiring 1st certification in 2011, we acquired more strict 2nd certification in 2015, and our hospital was certified of reliable and excellent capability for safety of patients and quality of medical treatment.


Incheon’s only one
‘Eye specialized hospital designated by Ministry of Health and Welfare’
‘Specialized hospital’ is a hospital to perform difficult level medical treatment for specific treatment subject and diseases which was specially designated by Minister of Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Han Gil Eye Hospital was selected as 2nd specialized hospital in 2015 continuing from 2011, and it is evaluated as a hospital owning Korea’s best level competitiveness in ophthalmology and leading advanced medical technology.

Among eye hospitals in Incheon, only Han Gil Eye Hospital is designated as specialized hospital.


Mecca of eye hospital providing medical treatment
to 200,000 patients for a year
Han Gil Eye Hospital is trusted by patients. It has the best medical treatment infrastructure in size, facility, medical team, clinical competence, scholarship and field of study as eye specialized hospital as 200,000 patients visit in a year.


The hospital performs good operation:
Cataract 5,000 cases, Retina 800 cases
Representative senile disease, cataract, is one of the reasons of many patients come to our hospital.

Han Gil Eye Hospital performed 5,411 cataract operations in 2016.

Retina operation, considered as high degree operations among ophthalmologic disease operations, is being performed over 800 cases in a year.
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